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How to layaway

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Thank you for visiting Light Limner website.

[ How to layaway ]

- Send us order e-mail.

  When you send us order e-mail, please add the layaway plan number at the bottom of e-mail.

- You can choose 3 layaway plan.

 1. The 2nd installment plan

   1st payment - 30% / 2nd payment - 70%+shipping costs

 2. The 3rd installment plan

   1st payment - 30% / 2nd payment - 30% / 3rd payment - 40%+shipping costs

3. The 4th installment plan

   1st payment - 30% / 2nd payment - 30% / 3rd payment - 30% / 4th payment - 10%+shipping costs

- We informs your payments amount when you choose the layaway payment.

- Layaway payment has to be made at least once a month.

  (If you make your first payment 1th Aug, you should make second payment until 1th Sep)

- We check your order e-mail, send you first payment invoice.

- When make your second/third/fourth payment through PayPal, please write your invoice number-we send you first time-at title section.

- Each time we receive the payment, e-mail you until your layaway is over.

- Layaway order takes the same waiting time(50~60 business days) to ship.

  Your doll will be on production once we confirm your first payment.

- Even if you pay earlier than your payment plan, shipping schedule will not change.

- We ship the doll to be paid in pull.


※ Layaway order cannot be canceled after the first payment. PLEASE CONSIDER THIS BEFORE YOU MAKE DECISION.

※ If you second/third/fourth payment is not being paid due to deadline, a reminder/invoice will be sent to your e-mail

   and you will be given only 1 additional week to make your payment done, unless you request for the extension of payment deadline.

※ If you don't make your second/third/fourth payment on time, your order will be canceled automatically and your previous payments will not be returned to you.

※ Customer's name and depositor's name have to be same.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

Thank you :)