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Light Limner

Light Limner ~ Information



Normal Skin/Large Breast

Limner Doll - E-Mundo[58cn] Girl body size


Tall(including head) : 57.8cm / heel feet 59.3cm

Head size : 19.5cm (7.7inch)

Neck circumference : 8.5cm

Soulder width : 11.1cm

Breast size : Medium 23.5cm / Large 24.5cm

Arm legth : 16cm / 21.5cm (including hand)

Arm circumference : 7cm

Waist circumference : 16cm

Thigh circumference : 24cm

Hip circumference : 25.7cm

Waist to toe length : 37.5cm

Leg Length : 30cm

Ankle circumference : 5.5cm

Foot length : 6cm


- The color might be different from the actual color due to your monitor settings.