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Light Limner

Light Limner ~ How to order

[ Before Order ]


- The doll's production is starts after confirm payment.

After the confirmation, we do not accept order cancellation due to mind change and any other reasons.

We ask for your prudent orders.


- Please remember, these are hand-made dolls.

- The dolls are not perfectly symmetric.

- It can be shipped within 50~60 business days.


- We can not respond to such questions as clothes compatibility with other companies, skin color comparison or size comparison.


[ Faceup commissions ]


You can order faceup commissions in Etsy.

If you want to see faceup pictures, please visit Light Limner Flickr page


[ How to order Light Limner dolls ]


※ You can also buy Light Limner dolls at Etsy.


(Sometimes, stock items are updated)


1. Order - If you want to order Limner dolls, you can email your order list to

we will check your order list, and send you an email(total amount).

2. Payment - You can paying with Paypal or Money transfer in Korea Bank. You should pay for shipping fee for each purchasing.

Paypal account :

we confirm your payment and then, produce the dolls.

(If you want international transfer, ask us in order e-mail.)

3. Shipping - We use only EMS or EMS premium.

4. Confirm receipt





If there is no respond within 2~3days, please contact or Etsy.


[ Order form ]


Name :

e-mail : 

Address :

Zip Code(Postal Code) :

Phone number :


[Order list]

- Doll name : 

- Skin Color :  Normal or White

- Breast Size : Medium or Large

- Option Parts : Parts name / Skin Color

- Face up : A(50.00) or B(50.00) or none

- Body Blushing : Hands(25.00) or Feet(25.00) or Hands+Feet(50.00)