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Light Limner

Light Limner ~ E-Mundo[58cm]









[ Koren ]
Head+Body Price : $610.00(USD)

Head part Price : $130.00(USD)


   + Shipping fee


Face up : $50.00(USD)

Hand blushing : $25.00(USD)

Foot blushing : $25.00(USD)

Skin Color : Normal / White
Breast Size : Medium / Large

[Head + Body Product Description]
- Koren head(without face up) + E-Mundo[58cm] Body
- Basic flat feet and extra high heel feet
- Default box
- Certificate


[Head Part Product Description]
- Koren head(without face up)
- Default box
- Certificate

[Product Specification]

- Koren Head
Head size : 7.7inch
Eye size : 12mm

- E-Mundo Body size
Tall(including head) : 57.8cm / heel feet 59.3cm
Head size : 19.5cm (7.7inch)
Neck circumference : 8.5cm
Soulder width : 11.1cm
Breast size : Medium 23.5cm / Large 24.5cm
Arm legth : 16cm / 21.5cm (including hand)
Arm circumference : 7cm
Waist circumference : 16cm
Thigh circumference : 24cm
Hip circumference : 25.7cm
Waist to toe length : 37.5cm
Leg Length : 30cm
Ankle circumference : 5.5cm
Foot length : 6cm

- You can choose skin color(normal/white) and breast size(medium/large). More information in
- The Wig/eyes/outfit/shoes/acc in the photo is not included.
- Extra high heel feet part is included.
- The color might be different from the actual color due to your monitor settings.

- If you don't receive down payment within 3 days, order will be automatically canceled.

- The doll is generally shipped within 50~60 business days from the date order received. It will take more 5~10 business days if you order a doll with face up.

- Head parts shipped within 30~40 business days from date order received. It will take more 5~10 business days if you order a doll with face up.
- We use EMS or EMS premium to ship products.
- Shipping fee will be charged by weight and destination.

- Doll is cutomized product. so once an order is confirmed, we cannot refund or exchange.
- If you want to cancel your doll order after we start making the doll, 30% cancelling fee will be charged.
- If there is a problem with the product, we will take charge of the shipping fee.